Tahi Spirulina Powder – 100g

NZ grown and artisan made, Tahi Spirulina powder is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO.

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Tahi Spirulina Crunchies – 100g

Tahi Spirulina crunchies is a nourishing superfood that harnesses the health benefits and bio-available micro-nutrients of algae.

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Absolutely delicious as an addition to anything sweet or savoury to be honest. Popcorn? Yes. Smoothies? Yes. Porridge? Absolutely. Fantastic customer service and a brilliant NZ made product. Thanks Team Tahi!

Amy F

Thanks for making such delicious spirulina! I’ve never liked the fishy taste of other brands and wasn’t so keen on spirulina grown outside of New Zealand. But yours is perfect. I’ve just finished my first bag and wanted to say thanks.

Amy L

I take NZ grown Tahi Spirulina every day – it keeps my immune system healthy and my iron supplies topped up.

Izzy NealAthlete

I have been using Tahi Spirulina this year and love the fresh burst of flavour added to my banana and kiwifruit smoothie. It has loads of B Vitamins and iron content - components I needed more of and I feel great taking this NZ grown product. I recommend it to anyone.

Marion M

I love it. I use it in smoothies with banana and ice. I use it for recovery and training sessions and love supporting NZ grown plant protein sources. Keep up the great work.

Brad D