What happens when you get two Kiwi entrepreneurs and two French scientists together?

Modern day pioneers in algae innovations of course.

Say hello to Justin, Benoit, Olivier and Rob. Our founding fathers are experts on environmental and bioprocess engineering, ecology, and food production. We harness world-leading research experience on algae biotechnology to bring you Tahi Spirulina and grow the world’s most sustainable superfood here in New Zealand.

The Tahi Way

In Te Reo ori, tahi means one. As one of the world’s first superfoods, spirulina has existed on earth since ancient times – natural occurring and traced back from lakes in Central America and Africa.

Today, Tahi Spirulina is New Zealand’s first spirulina farm and has pioneered the industry with the only New Zealand grown, artisan spirulina in the world.

  • We are relentless in our pursuit of providing ground-breaking sustainable food solutions to meet the needs of people and our planet
  • We believe in cultivating the purest, most beautiful, artisan grown spirulina in the world
  • We uphold the highest standards on quality and safety with the lowest environmental footprint
  • We embrace our roots and draw strength from our Kiwi ingenuity and French innovation

Farmed sustainably at Himatangi Beach, New Zealand

Located in the small coastal community of Himatangi beach in the North Island of New Zealand is Aotearoa’s first spirulina farm. Grown in purpose-built shallow ponds, our algae are fed salts and water and harvested in heartlands Manawatu that combines the safety, rigour and ingenuity of NZ food engineering with the quality and low environmental footprint of French artisan production systems. Part hydroponics, part aquaculture, Tahi Spirulina is 100% Kiwi ingenuity and French innovation combined.

Spirulina - the future of food from ancient times

From the beginning, there was spirulina. A type of cyanobacteria, spirulina appeared on earth 3.5 billion years ago. It was a food source for the Aztecs in 16th century Mexico and consumed by the Kanembu tribe in Chad, Africa. Recognisable for its spiral shape and blue-green cyan colour, spirulina is a beautiful, ancient superfood shaping the future of sustainable foods.